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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Wrap Dress

One of my co-workers commented
the other day that I really own a
lot of dresses.  OK, that is true but
it hasn't stopped me from adding
this little beauty to my birthday wishlist!
My go-to garment in my work wardrobe is the wrap dress (recommended only for the ladies, sorry guys!).  The wrap dress is perfect for travel because it is easy to accessorize (scarf or long beaded necklaces or chains) takes up next to no space in my suitcase (read here about what I pack for a monitoring trip) and looks professional when paired with a cardigan sweater, pashmina, or blazer.  Also, I pay attention to fabrics and always go for a dress that is wrinkle resistant so I don't waste time ironing or money cleaning (think polyester, spandex, matte jersey, etc. - not totally luxurious but ideal for balling up in a suitcase and typically machine washable or can be hand-washed rather than going to the dry cleaner).  Spring is coming and these don't take up much room in my closet either so I can usually sneak in a new one every now and then without my fiancĂ©e noticing. ;)

I do like to pack a wrap dress for multi-day trips but I typically save it for day 2 or the midpoint of the visit. I make other choices on travel days because a dress is really not ideal for going through airport security; I don't want to take off my shoes and walk around barefoot there and I am a bit more restricted and limited in reaching or bending.  Gee and I would not be thrilled to receive a secondary pat-down/feel-up in one of my beloved wrap dresses (I refuse to go through back scanner x-ray machines).  Also, I might get a little cold on the airplane so I prefer long sleeves and slacks.  Other than that, I really feel this is must-have smart attire for all the young female monitors since it is forgiving enough to flatter most body types.  Ladies (again, sorry Gents, this post is just not for you), if you haven't rotated one of these pieces into your wardrobe I recommend you give it a try.

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TNM said...

Hi Nadia,

Thank you for the suggestions. What kind of shoes would you suggest when wearing wrap dresses on site visits? Any examples of cute and professional shoes in general? Would love to see a more extensive monitoring wardrobe. Again, thank you.

Mandy Neighbors said...

I love little wrap dresses!! They are always in style, easy to accessorize and great for work or play.

Nadia said...

Hi TNM, I was worried I veered way off topic when I made this post but seeing your comment was validating and I am so glad you enjoyed the post.  When I travel, I want comfy shoes that have support, won't trip me, don't hurt or cripple me, and provide function but are also fun/cute.  I'm adding hyperlinks in this response so you can click and see some of the things I am recommending below.

I read blogs for inspiration like Corporette and road warriorette. When I shop, I hit the malls (Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, etc.) or DSG in various cities or I kick back in my hotel room and review, my favorite shopping aggregator, or

For shoes to go with wrap dresses at work, my only rule is to avoid anything too strappy, open, or exposed.  Think about it, your toes would be cold and you don't want to roam around a hospital, airport, or medical clinic picking up nasty unknown bacteria on your tootsies.  I think the most professional footwear choices would be slingback, pump or peeptoe, flat, or tall boot or medium-heeled boot.  My trusted brands include Naturalizer/Aerosoles, Enzo, Nine West/Bandolino, Frye Boots, and Circa Joan & David. Hope that helps!

TNM said...

Thank you Nadia! You discuss a myriad of topics. Every blog has been, interesting, extremely important and very helpful. Your wardrobe advice has given me an excuse to go shopping!. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Each blog is ALWAYS relevant. Keep up the excellent work!


jersey dresses said...

Wrap dresses are really good to wear specially on summer and looks so modern and can wear on occasional as well professional.

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