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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Vacation

I hope everyone has exciting plans for the summer or at least a plan to beat the heat.  Temperatures in San Francisco were almost 75 degrees Fahrenheit this week.  I don't have air conditioning and my home is in the upper level of a beautiful Edwardian the top of four flights of stairs, this has been a scorcher by SF standards.  ;)

I've planned a lot of exciting content for the blog in the coming months so I hope you will continue to follow along.  I've invited several guest contributors to help generate topics and content; I really can't wait to share some of the series' we have come up with so please stay tuned.

I will visit Guangzhou, Dali, and Lijiang this summer.
I had to get a new passport and visa because I ran
out of space in my old one - can't wait!
I am planning a vacation to Hong Kong and Yunnan province in July but I'll queue up some posts and address your comments and questions as I find time.  I've been corresponding with many of you via email but I have been on a bit of a hiatus from the official Lead CRA blog due to a lot of competing priorities at home and work; I'll include some of the topics of broader interest here for your perusal very soon.

Thanks again for your loyal readership.  You can always reach out to me in the comments section of any post or email me at if there are items you would like featured or if you have any monitoring questions.  Here's to a wonderful summer for all you hardworking clinical research professionals!