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I am a thirty-something professional living in San Francisco with a loving husband and two silly little yorkshire terrier, dogs. I grew up in North Carolina and stayed to complete University then studied abroad in Leeds, Northern England. I have 10+ years of Phase I-IV clinical operations experience in a variety of therapeutic areas for trials in the US, Canada, South America, and Europe.  I have gained expertise as a Clinical Site Manager, Regional Clinical Research Associate, and Clinical Data Manager for a mix of large and small pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

The Lead CRA Gets a Promotion: Clinical Program Manager
After qualifying as a finalist and Bronze recipient of the Pharmatimes 2010 US Clinical Researcher of The Year new CRA/Site Manager award I was promoted to a Clinical Program Manager role at a wonderful small CNS company in the Bay Area.  My primary focus is now trial level management as opposed to site level management but I do still have the opportunity to occasionally travel to sites and work with our monitoring staff.  I oversee the activities of several clinical trial support vendors and Junior CRAs.  You can read more about my bio and career progression here.

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I maintain a new blog at Wordpress geared towards established Clinical Trial Managers as opposed to Clinical Site Managers or CRAs for sharing resources, tips, and clinical program level discussion.  Please check out The Clinical Operations Toolkit here: 

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I am not open to providing career coaching or interview advice beyond this blog: Career Advice.  However I encourage you to reach out instead to one of my mentors, Patty Kasper if these topics are of interest to you.  She has a consulting firm that offers a terrific webinar series for entry-level candidates that you can pursue here