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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Every Email is an Essential Document...or perhaps not

Wait, you said I shouldn't file every email?
Please, no, for the love of all that is Holy, don't file every email. I currently manage 15 sites and as a general rule, only about 1 in 10 emails I generate end up in the correspondence tab. This is because I do a lot of back-and-forth emailing with my sites. I never file the first email, just the final thread with the conversation trail included, assuming it is worth filing.
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Items that are worth filing reference clarifications, demonstrate training and oversight, address GCP issues, discuss protocol deviations, and document conversations involving the Medical Monitor. I have trained all my coordinators on this and when I go to monitor the correspondence tab is nice, slim, tidy, relevant, and useful.

Emails that probably do not need to be filed:
  • “Happy Birthday to your administrative assistant!”
  • “Ordering pizza, do you prefer veg or meat?”
  • “Have a nice weekend!”
  • If I am sending my site PK tubes and I email them tracking information, then they write back to say they received the tubes, then I look in the lab database and see that indeed, they did complete the required PK draws, this conversation really does not need to be filed.


PRT said...

Best advice ever!!

I can't believe some of my colleague file every one of their emails with their sites.

For me, that would be a nightmare to reconcile at the end of the trial.

Matthew said...

Here's a question... I've raised this issue at work (I am a CRA for a pharma/IVD mfr) when it's time to update our SOPs. I've been told that the regs/guidance (CFR and ICH) do not say "relevant" communication. I am struggling to find evidence to support my claim that the Master Files | Correspondence Folder need only "relevant" correspondences. Anyone have a suggestion for a CRA who's drowing in "Hi, have a great week" emails? (We have to print, sign, and date each one, scan one for the computer file, and then file the original in a mahoooosive filing cabinet!!!)

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