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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fueling Up the Rental Car

Which side is the gas tank located on?  Here are two quick tips to help you find it super fast.  1) If there is a little pull switch inside the car, pop the gas tank door and listen for the sound to determine the correct side to pull up to the pump.   2) Even easier...Take a look at the dashboard and see which direction the little arrow next to the picture of the pump is pointing on the fuel gauge.  Happy travels!

Find the fuel tank on the left side of this car (driver's side).


Anonymous said...

I bought one of the very first Honda Insights sold in America. The owners manual explained that the gas tank was on the driver's side of the car.

Of course, the US owners manual was a revision and translation of the original Japanese owners manual. In Japan, the driver sits on the right, and on the American Insight, the fuel tank was filled from the right.

Yeah, I love me an obscure bug. I also like your advice to listen for the pop.

Nadia said...

Danny, who reads the owner's manual? Ha! When I posted the picture for this blog I thought to myself, "What if my blog reader drives on the reverse side of the road, the caption 'driver's side' will be a bit confusing.

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