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Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogroll! Plus a Sampling of Podcasts

I spend a lot of time hanging around in airports, bored in different hotels, and riding in airplanes since I do travel to work.  My favorite ways to pass the time are to catch up on email, read the news, read books or wikipedia, or dart through online blogs that interest me.  When I am too tired to read, I can have online content delivered right to me with my iPhone and podcasts.  Here are some of my blogs, and podcasts that you may like to check out.  Please email me or leave a comment if there are oher blogs or podcasts you can recommend I check out - I'm always happy to give new content a try.

Blogs: You can read blogs via RSS feed (add them to your myyahoo homepage for example), have them emailed to you in digest format, or have them aggregated into a feedburner or feed reader.  I like  I access my blogs from multiple devices (PC, iPhone, iPad, etc.) but google keeps track of exactly which ones I have read and allows me to sort and filter the content on the fly.  I even subscribe to the comment feeds for some of my blogs and google keeps that organized, too.  Reading online content at 30,000 feet is an issue if the airplane doesn't offer internet service but I am hoping I can overcome that with a scraper service like readitlater...I just need to be home for more than 20 minutes one day to figure out how it works and get it setup.  Please keep reading my blog and also consider checking these out:

Clinical Research Industry Blogs:

Frequent Traveler Blogs:
For Fun:
  • The Beauty Brains - Dispelling myths and marketing messages about cosmetics with a little but of science.
  • Corporette - Geared towards female lawyers but broad enough that I still enjoy my free subscription anyway.
  • - Reviews of some off the beaten path (mostly inane) iPhone applications.
  • The MUNI Diaries - Tidbits and observations on board public transportation in San Francisco.
  • The Richmond District - All about a specific neighborhood in San Francisco.
Podcasts:  You can find podcasts on any topic from cooking, to travel, to comedy, or anything else that interests you.  Plus they are FREE!  There are even video podcasts available.  I listen to way more podcasts than I listen to music and I listen to most of my podcasts on doubletime.  You can speed them up and listen to twice as many plus everyone sounds so funny like a chipmunk, it just never gets old to me!  I even plug my iPhone into the rental car and listen to podcasts when I am stuck in LA traffic or driving long distances.  Theoretically you can listen to podcasts while working out, but I never quite make it to the hotel gym when I am on the road. ;)  Here is a sample of some that I subscribe to:

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