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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monitoring Visit Checklist

I participate in a number of clinical research forums and I just received an email digest this week from one that linked to a monitoring visit checklist of sorts. Many of you have emailed me and left comments asking for a checklist but I can't figure out how to post one on blogger. Instead, please review Norman Goldfarb's Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices here and download his checklist or read my post about Conduting a Routine Monitoring Visit.

Norman M. Goldfarb is Editor of the Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices.
You can subscribe to his updates here and I think you will find them as useful as I have over the years.

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viviana said...

Sorry, but I do not believe in checklists...The checklist will only reduce your possibilities of finding issues.
The best way is to have a deep knowledge of the protocol and amendments and the written version with you, CRF completion guidelines and the monitoring plan.

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